Collection of Weekend book reviews

With the weekend comes the time to look for some reading material, while we are searching for some reading material for ourselves and scrolling through various reviews, thought about sharing it with our readers too. Reading list is mostly marketing/ Business/ technology but will be open to another topic if we find it interesting enough.

First one is ‘Defending the free market’ by Rev. Robert Sirico and reviewed by Claire Cousino on Washington Times.
Even if you are not ‘Free market’ type, worth reading the review.

Second is ‘ The Curious Digital Marketer’ by afaqs campus and reviewed by Anant Rangaswami on First Post.

Now, Book seems like a nice collection of Frequently asked questions about digital marketing, which can really be handy but after reading the review, I don’t know if feel like rushing to buy the ‘book’. But Review is certainly worth reading.

Third one is ‘Revenue Engine’ by Steven woods and Alex Shootman and reviewed by Tom Pick.

Book is by couple of Automation Software company Executives. Review seem very detailed, Crux is as buyers have more and more access to you through Search and Social and 70% of the decision is made by the customer before she makes the purchase, there is lot of information to Sales person about her ‘Digital Body Language’. So Sales people should certainly read it.

Enjoy the readings and have a great weekend!

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