Online Reputation Management, Today is THE right time to act.

On 13th august Matt Fisher wrote a blog ‘My sister paid Progressive Insurance to defend her killers in court’ talking about Progressive insurance role in providing lawyers for fighting case against its own customer. Immediately, it went viral, with support coming from all corners and more than 1000 mentioning on twitter about their decision to cancel their insurance and  same number or more planning about doing the same.

Recently Indian government asked Twitter to block around 20 accounts and banned bulk SMS. Reason offered by the government was that rumors were being circulated, causing widespread panic and riot like situation.

Number of request (per week) with Google to remove copyrighted content has increase by more than 1000% over last one year

Online Reputation Matters: From Social Media marketing standpoint, one thing to watch in all these cases is the power of Bad publicity. Today, if your social media marketing strategy does not have active ‘Online reputation management’ component to it, you need to go back to drawing board. ORM is not just restricted to small Damage control part of PR management but it should be part of your holistic approach to digital marketing especially with the rise of inter connected digital platforms. Since by the time issue comes to your PR team table, it’s already too late.

Online Reputation Management is a constant process of managing companies reputation at all digital platforms. Process has become complex with the proliferation of online platforms so it requires a constant vigil by your digital marketing agency.

We at Pracaara are getting more and more queries from businesses asking about how to manage bad publicity in this digitally inter-connected world since it can do more damage than years of positive brand building. Here are few basics we think, every marketer should imbibe as part of its Social marketing effort.

Make ORM part of your Social Media marketing: Biggest problem we face among our clients is just plain absence of any dedication of resources towards ‘ORM’. So first step is to acknowledge ORM and make it part of your Social media marketing strategy.  Let your Social media marketing team make it part of all their planning, executing and monitoring efforts.

Constant Monitoring: There are various ways, your companies reputation can be tarnished. It can range from as small as negative links to your site to baseless rumors about your brand. Important thing is just like health, early detection can save and prolong life (of your brand). So keep a constant tab by either having a weekly/monthly meeting with your Social media marketing team to go over trends or discussions going at various platforms about your brand.

Take action: If you come across any negative sentiment or opinion, try to work towards it. Follow Craig Newmark’s footstep, make customer service, most important element of your job. If it’s a disgruntled customer, talk to him, it’s surprising how sometimes talking directly to customer can solve some of the miscommunications at both ends. Sometimes it can be having negative links to your site, With many companies going for Black Hat SEO tactics, it can affect your Search positioning. In this case, active monitoring can really help and remove those links in time. With content again regaining it’s position as king, you can target of online copyright violation, In this case there are various tools available including help from Google.

Bottom line is make Online Reputation Management a priority and old saying ‘Stitch in time saves nine’ is more relevant today in this case then ever.

Good Luck.

Team Pracaara  . @pracaara


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